Where Laser Cutting Technology
Makes a Difference!
About Us
In 1994, the founders of Polar Magnetics Inc. came together to create thick die cut magnets using various types of artwork. Using a process referred to as “laser cut, wood mounted art” these images were then mounted to wood and, using a laser cutting machine, cut out each one to create a unique 2D reproduction. Since then, this method was duplicated using different materials and thickness to produce many premium products including refrigerator magnets, key chains, wall plaques and coasters for North American retailers.

Today, we still use the same process to manufacture souvenirs, and promotional and custom products for the North American marketplace. Our customers include an extensive souvenir distributor network in the United States, Canadian retailers as well as U.S. and Canadian based custom product clients. Over the years, with a growing expertise in laser technologies, we have expanded our services to include point of purchase (P.O.P.) displays, custom home décor and specialty laser cutting services.

Creativity and uniqueness is what the company strives for in all areas of the business. With an extensive list of customers who continually push us in new directions, our main goal is to deliver innovative products of the highest quality and value while providing quick turnaround. Today we proudly continue to manufacture all products from our Toronto plant while maintaining a loyal staff for the past 12 years.

Customers, employees, owners and suppliers are valued in an environment of co-operation, communication and partnership.